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Brewing up a Bee Biz...

About us at Must Bee Company


It all started in 2008 when I became involved with home brewing as a hobby. It was then when I read the book, Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers, The author explains that years ago, monks would keep beehives for the beeswax to make candles that lit the churches at night and use the honey to make Mead! By mixing honey and water (also called the “must”) the must would collect yeast naturally while sitting in a bucket exposed to the air.

Beekeeping was also a hobby that soon followed brewing. The thought of using honey from my own hives to produce this ancient drink got me excited to get fermenting! After sharing a few good batches (and some rather funky ones) with friends and at competitions, it was clear to me that others were just as excited to try this “new” old beverage as I was about making it.

After working out the recipe over several years, I combined the most necessary hardware, additives (yeast and yeast nutrients) and put a step by step guide into creative packaging and made it easy for you to make at home!



April Aldrich