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Mead Kit

Mead Kit

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In a few short months you can have a mead ready to drink! Or let it sit and the flavor will age with time to a more complex taste. Mead is a simple alcoholic beverage made from honey, water and yeast. But would you like to complex it up a bit? There are plenty of flavors that accent the taste of mead and can be added to the process like orange zest, lemon peel, ginger, cinnamon or oak chips. The ABV ranges from 10-12%.

  • HONEY WINE: Also known as mead is a delicate alcoholic beverage made from honey, water and yeast.
  • MEAD: Is the oldest alcoholic beverage and is making a huge comeback! This mead kit includes everything you need except spring water and 2.5lbs of honey.
  • MEAD MAKING KIT: Includes a 1 Gallon Glass Carboy, Mead Yeast, Mead Yeast Nutrient, Funnel, Siphon, Tubing, Temperature Strip, Airlock, Rubber Stopper and Step by Step Guide.
  • GIFT IDEA: This mead kit is a great gift for weddings, birthdays, or Christmas.
  • DIY: Wine making with honey is easier than grapes. This mead kit is fun to do alone or with friends and family.


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